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My Photo Stream is one of the widely used feature in iCloud. This feature helps you to view the latest photo that you capture using your iOS devices such like iPad, iPod and iPhone from your personal computer and Mac. If you use iCloud and you have turned on your iCloud Photo Stream then all your recently clicked photos will be updated to the system and then they can later be viewed or downloaded from any of your other devices. The stored photos are available there for thirty days.ICloud Photo Stream

iCloud Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library functions very closely. All the photos are uploaded in iCloud by the iCloud Photo Library and makes it available for the specific dates on various devices. As you have turned on the iCloud Photo Library, then all the photos kept in My Photo Stream from any devices will be available in Photos app in the tab – All Photos. To use My Photo Stream, the user first need to turn on My Photo Stream on their devices.

Steps To Activate iCloud Photo Stream

icloud photo stream

  • Steps for iPhone, iPod and iPad

icloud photo stream ipadicloud photo stream ipad

  1. First of all go to the Setting of your device.
  2. Then tap on the “iCloud”.
  3. Select Photos
  4. Now, turn on My Photo Stream.


  • Steps for Mac

icloud photo stream ipad

  1. Access the Apple menu of your device.
  2. Then select System Preferences.
  3. Now then click on “iCloud”.
  4. Choose the option – “Photos”.
  5. Click on the options button and then My Photo Stream is turned on.
  • Steps for Windows PC

ICloud Photo Stream

  1. First of all you need to download the iCloud application. You can download it from https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204283.
  2. After downloading, install it in your computer device.
  3. Now open iCloud for Windows in your computer.
  4. Now select Photos.
  5. Click on the Options.
  6. Choose “My Photo Stream”.
  7. Then click on “Done”.
  8. At last click on Apply and then your My Photo Stream is now turned on.

It is very easy to view the photos in My Photo Stream. The steps in different devices are explained here:-

  • View on iPhone, iPad and iPhone


  1. For iOS 7 and previous versions
  2. Select Photo Stream.
  3. Go to My Photo Stream
  4. For iOS 8 and latest versions
  5. Tap on Photos
  6. Open Albums
  7. Then select MY Photo Stream.


  • View on Mac

iphoto on mac

  • For iPhoto 9.4 and previous
  1. Go to iPhoto.
  2. Open My Photo Stream
  3. For Photos 1.0 or latest
  4. Open Photos
  5. Select Albums
  6. Open My Photo Stream


  • For iPhoto 9.5 and Aperture
  1. Go to iPhoto
  2. Open iCloud
  3. Select My Photo Stream.


  • View on Windows

iphotos on windows

After turning on Photos in computer, Photo folder is automatically created in File Explorer by iCloud for Windows. The folder is named as iCloud Photos. Any photos captured in iOS devices are automatically downloaded. Once the photos are captured through IOS devices then they are uploaded after the application is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi.

My Photo Stream offers the limit number of photos to be uploaded in a particular time. In one hour you can upload up to 1000 photos and in one day, you can upload 10,000 photos. You are able to upload 25,000 photos in one month.

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