iCloud Keychain

iCloud is widely used all around the world by the iOS device users. The cloud storage service is popular for the features like storing the various files including photos and videos and then make it available in all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac and Windows computer. Likewise it offers features like managing the lost or stolen iOS devices, iCloud email, calendar, Contacts and others. The Apple service provider introduced another service for the iOS device users named as iCloud Keychain which is the password management system for iOS devices.ICloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain is available in the iOS 7 devices in which you can store your accounts names, passwords and credit card numbers in the iCloud servers. It is saved under the 256 bit AES encryption and then the stored information can be shared between other iOS devices that uses the same iCloud account. It means that keychain helps you to use the same password in an iPhone device that you use and store in iPod.

iCloud Keychain has been introduced so that you can use the password in all your devices securely. It can be said as the service for automatic filling ad remembering the password in two or more devices. For example when you store the password in the Safari, then all the entered date will be synced with other devices. To use this feature you should first enable it in your devices. It is very easy to turn it on. You can do it by following the easy steps provided here.

Steps to Set Up iCloud KeychainICloud Keychain

  1. When you set up the iCloud in iOS7 device for the first time, you will be suggested to enable iCloud keychain. In case you have missed it then follow these steps:-
  • Open the “Setting” in your device.
  • Select and open “iCloud”.
  • Now go to iCloud Keychain.
  • Toggle it to “On” to activate the function.
  • As you turn on the iCloud keychain, you will be asked to sign in to iCLoud. So use your Apple ID and password to sign in.
  • You are asked to create a passcode. Most of the people provides the same passcode as they use for unlocking their device. However you are not recommended to use the same because if somebody knows your lock screen code then they can easily get your password and other necessary information including credit card info. So, always create a passcode different from lock screen code for more security.
  1. Once again go to “Setting”.
  • Open “Safari”.
  • Go to “Passwords and Auto fill”.
  • Now Turn on Names and Passwords. Also turn on Credit Cards.
  1. Then go to the site where you will need to login and after entering your password, you will be provided with the message that will ask you if you would like to save the information. Click on “Save Password” if you wish to save it.

After setting it up in one device then follow the process to set up in other devices too. It not only used for site passwords, credit cards info but also for Wi-Fi passwords and other account data.

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