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iCloud Find My Phone is the way to find out the lost iphone. If any of your Apple Device has been lost, you can easily locate your device. Apple developers have been successful in helping the users to find their device easily via iCloud find. If any of you have lost your device, then you can use this feature given by the apple devices to find or locate your device. The map will easily show your device and you can know where your device is and also you can get an email if the device is found online anywhere.

icloud find

Unless the device is online, you can observe that it will show how many hours ago your device was online. This service will help you if your device has been stolen, lost or misplaced. Not only this much, you can also wipe your private or personal data and information so that it won’t be misused in the future.

How To Use iCloud Find My Phone?

find my phone

For an iPhone or iPad, you can follow the following step:

icloud find ipad

  • Go to the setting app of your device.
  • You will see the iCloud option and tap it on.
  • Under this, you will see the Find My iPhone option.
  • Tap the option at the side and turn it on.

How to use Find My iPhone on the web?

You can use this service by following the steps below.

find my phone web

  • Go to the address bar of your browser and type the official website of the iCloud. i.e. iCloud.com
  • Now you can see the boxes that you will require to insert your account ID and the password and you will log into your account.
  • From the main menu, got to find my iPhone.
  • At the top, you can see the option “All Devices”.
  • After that, choose the name of your device that you want to track.
  • To track the device closely, you can also zoom it in and out. You can also select the different modes listed at the right of the top.

The modes and their features are also explained below:

  • Play sound

This option is very useful if your device has misplaced near or around the house. Even if you have kept your device in silent or vibrate mode, it plays an audible tone.

  • Lost mode

If you enter your phone number under this option, it will be displayed on the screen of your device. If the person who got your device want to contact you seeing the number, it will be very easy.

  • Erase

If in case you don’t expect your lost mobile or you don’t think you will get it, then you can wipe out all the private data or information using this option.

How to track your device with Find My iPhone and Family Sharing


After you insert your device name, you can track your device easily. Note that your device can be tracked only if it is online. You can get the information about your device after you login to the iCloud through the Find My iPhone. Just tap your device that you want to track on. You can view the tracked device on the map also with zooming in and out.

These are the very short and simple steps that can help you for icloud find. Many users lose their iphone or ipad and use this icloud find feature to locate their device. If you have any query related with icloud find my phone then ask with us about it. So its always best idea to create iCloud account.

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